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At Phoenix Crypto Assets, we pride ourselves on the ability to recognize innovation and capitalize on new emerging markets. Through our diverse portfolio, we allow our investors to earn passive income, as well as benefit from the price appreciation of our digital assets.

Our mission from day 1 has been to create a lucrative stream of passive income, allowing us to obtain freedom and dedicate more time to the people and experiences we love.

Through the creation of our “Freedom Funds”, this vision quickly evolved into what it is today. By redefining traditional economic vehicles and creating a sustainable stream of passive income through web 3.0 Technologies, we have allowed our investors exposure to a unique set of income generating assets, typically not obtainable for retail investors.

Redefining Passive Income through Tomorrow’s Digital Economy…

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We have a unique and diversified Leadership Team with over 50 years combined.
Financial and Technical Experience navigating the way as we invest in Tomorrow’s Digital Economy.

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John Rotondo


Abdullah Nassif


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